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Learn THE strategies how to build and protect your assets with precious metals

In our online congress with+2top lectures from excellent expertsover 2days on June 26 & 27, 2020

Register now (free of charge) and benefit from expert presentations on the following topics:

  • Building and securing wealth
  • Using the current situation on the financial markets as an opportunity
  • This is why physical precious metals are so important for every family and business
  • How to get more out of insurance and invest in the future
  • Increase health and well-being

Our exclusive congress contents for you:

Protect Assets 

Stock market crash, negative interest rates, recession, inflation, currency reform – the uncertainty is constantly increasing. What happens next and how can you protect yourself and your family? 

Increase Assets

Learn about the investment strategies of the professionals. Which strategy will put you on the winning side? 

Expert Opinion

20 top experts from the fields of business, stock exchange, precious metals, family and health exclusively reveal how to invest your money and where you can still make profits.   

Our International Experts 

Our Experts on the Current Situation in the Financial Markets

Gerald Celente

"The ‘Greatest Depression' Has Begun: How To Protect Yourself" 

Professor Dr. Philipp Bagus

"Corona and the Eurozone"

  Bojan Ivanc

"Economic Challenges with COVID-19"

Bernd Leitzbach

"Prosperity Through Rethinking"

Dr. Marc Faber

"Assets which Benefit during Periods of High Monetary Inflation” 

Dr. Nadja Zorko

“How the current changes in business and financial environment impact companies' Liquidity Management – Pros and cons of gold-silver bullion investments from a corporate perspective”

Mag. Aleš Lisac

"What to do in these times to be more attractive to money and lucrative business opportunities"

Our Experts for Precious Metals

Thorsten Schulte

"The Day of Reckoning is Coming – Asset Protection instead of Risk" 



Dimitri Speck

"At the Moment there is an Opportunity of the Century for You in the Markets" 

Stephan Bogner

"The explosiveness of the financial and silver markets from the perspective of a modern military bunker operator in the Swiss Alps"

Bojan Pravica

"The Elementum 7-Star Strategy: More with Certainty"

Günther Luitz

"The Ratio Strategy – How to Buy Gold at Half Price"

Mark Luitz

"Your Securities at Elementum"

Peter Slapšak

"The Elementum 7-Star Strategy"

Armando Leal Pinto

"The Elementum 7-Star Strategy"

Dominik Crkvenčić

"The Elementum 7-Star Strategy"

  Boris Gerjovič

“Factors Driving the Price of Gold and Silver in the Near Future”

Ronald-Peter Stöferle

In Gold (and Silver) We Trust!” 

Our experts for "Alternative to private banking"

Peter Härtling

"Be different or die, rescue package for financial services providers"

Prof. Dr. Philipp Schade

"New Possibilities for Reinsurance of Pension Schemes" 

Our Experts for Education and Money

Pavel Rihtaršič

Two People from Gorenjska about Saving

Marko Juhant

Two People from Gorenjska about Saving 

Our Experts for Health and Well-Being

Eva Kovač

"Lower Your Health Costs and Guide the Wellness of Your Company" 

Peter Kokalj

"Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment – Lifestyle of the Future" 

Boris Vene

“What do we need to know at a time of the greatest changes in human history to be able to awaken our inner strength and hidden potentials and live in joy, health and harmony?"